Spanish Podcasts: 11 Podcasts Guaranteed to Improve Your Language Skills

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Why a podcast?

By now, it’s become clear that podcasts are becoming more and more popular by the day. If anything, there are now too many Spanish podcasts to choose from.


Because Spanish podcasts are an engaging, fun, and time-saving alternative for learning and consuming new information on interesting topics on the go.

In fact,

In this article, I give you an overview of some of the best Spanish podcasts for people learning languages along with other educational podcasts in Spanish that will help you improve skills such as:

  • Specific dialects in the Spanish-speaking world
  • Spanish Listening skills
  • Speaking Spanish in specific settings
  • Learning Spanish from Latin America
  • Language skills in Spanish when traveling abroad
  • Latin American accent
  • Spanish listening skills
  • Spanish learning in real situations in Hispanic countries
  • How to speak like a native speaker

Either way,

If you were looking for some Spanish listening resources. You should consider adding these free Spanish podcasts to your playlist!

Here Are the 9 Best Podcasts in Spanish guaranteed to improve your Spanish skills and speak Spanish fluently.

Are you ready for the best podcasts to speak Spanish?

Let’s go!

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11 Podcasts in Spanish Guaranteed to Improve Your Spanish Skills:

1. Coffee Break Spanish

Barista holding a coffee cup to illustrate the coffee break spanish podcast

Learn Spanish in coffee-break Spanish lessons from the Radio Lingua Network.


Because Coffee Break Spanish is one of the best Spanish language podcasts for intermediate to advanced learners.

In each lesson, it focuses on the language you need to know and before long you’ll be making yourself understood by native Spanish speakers in Spain and Latin America.

Point blank:

The Coffee Break Spanish Club provides Spanish language activities that will last the length of a coffee break (approximately 15 minutes).

Not only that:

Activities are provided for level 1 (A1 / beginners) and level 2 (A2/B1 / lower intermediate) and are published on Mondays (listening), Wednesdays (reading), and Fridays (video).

By the way:

It features people from different Spanish-speaking countries also.

2. Español Automatico

Man walking in the oposite direction of a billboard in Spanish

Español Automático is based on the idea that learning a foreign language is NOT difficult.


Because learning a foreign language may be a very satisfying experience if you do it the right way.

So if you want to switch from learning Spanish to actually speaking it, Español Automático is one of the best Spanish podcasts for serious learners.

How so?

Because life doesn’t have subtitles!

Español Automático also helps you improve your Spanish listening, Spanish grammar, and Spanish language speaking skills.

Not only that,

Host Karo Martínez shares anecdotes, real-world topics, and personal and professional development materials creating a Spanish immersion environment to help you speak the Spanish language fluently and effortlessly.

Think about it,

This is the genuine Spanish you will never find in a textbook or classroom.

This Podcast will benefit most intermediate and advanced learners, and people who need to review their Spanish.

The good news?

You will benefit from language learning strategies that work, Spanish idioms and excellent words frequently used in the Spanish language.

Simply put,

Take your conversational Spanish up to the next level with their engaging authentic content!

3. Duolingo Spanish Podcast

Person holding an iphone looking for the Duolingo app

Do you like storytelling?


This is a weekly podcast with true stories for English speakers learning the Spanish language.

From the makers of Duolingo, the most popular language-learning app, comes one of the newest Spanish podcasts that deliver fascinating real-life stories in easy-to-understand Spanish with English narration.

The good news?

These are not language lessons; they’re life lessons through language in Latin American Spanish. Hosted by Martina Castro, co-founder of NPR’s Radio Ambulante.

4. Story Learning Spanish Podcast

Young woman holding a Harry Potter books to illustrate a storytelling podcast

The Story Learning Spanish podcast is a daily Spanish podcast for intermediate-level learners (A2-B1).

The podcast is based on the idea that rather than studying with textbooks, learning with stories is a much more natural way to improve for Spanish students.


Because it allows you to build your vocabulary in the Spanish language fast, and because you learn the language in context, you master grammar more easily.

Not only that:

The podcast is aimed at a low intermediate level (A2-B1 on the Common European Framework [CEFR]). So, this podcast is not for complete beginners.

Heads up!

If you are a complete beginner in Spanish, you’ll probably struggle to understand it.

5. News in Slow Spanish Podcast

young man reading a newspaper to be informed about the news in Spanish.

News in Slow Spanish is a Spanish podcast for those who already possess a basic vocabulary and some knowledge of Spanish grammar.

Usually, Spanish news podcasts are directed to intermediate to advanced learners.

By the way

The hosts are native Spanish speakers from Spain.

The program discusses the world news, grammar, expressions, and much more in simplified Spanish slowly so that you can understand almost every word and sentence.

In fact,

It emphasizes all aspects of language learning from listening comprehension, rapid vocabulary expansion, and exposure to grammar and common idiomatic expressions, to pronunciation practice and interactive grammar exercises for Spanish lovers.

6. Spanish Obsessed Podcast

young couple sitting next to each other while listening to their favorite Spanish podcasts.

Beginner Spanish from Rob and Liz of Spanish Obsessed.

Couple Liz and Rob (Colombian and English) teach and discuss a range of Spanish phrases, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Here is the deal,

The podcast gives you the real Spanish as it’s used in Spanish-speaking countries today.

Not only that,

Their engaging and lively conversation around a range of topics equips you with the Spanish you need to navigate through a variety of situations.

Such as

Ordering different types of coffee or telling your significant other you love them in 6 different ways!

In fact,

The podcast updates weekly, giving relevant new content very consistently.

And much more.

7. Radio Ambulante Podcast

Latin woman working with a yarn spinning wheel to illustrate real stories from South America told in podcasts

Radio Ambulante is a Spanish-language podcast that publishes stories about Latin America and other Spanish-speaking countries.

It is created primarily by the Peruvian writer Daniel Alarcon.

The first three seasons were launched in 2012, and since 2016, Radio Ambulante has been distributed weekly by National public radio in the US.

Here’s the deal:

Radio Ambulante focuses on combining storytelling with investigative journalism.

Not only that,

It deals with themes like human rights, immigration, political and socioeconomic crises, gender identity, and mental health.

One of the few Spanish podcasts that have published 24 episodes in each season, generally between 25 and 55 minutes; as of May 2019, it had produced almost 140 episodes.

8. Un dia en Español podcast

Children playing, speaking Spanish and walking in a muddy road.

Simply put,

In this language-learning podcast for Spanish beginners, each episode takes you inside a memorable day in the life of a native Spanish speaker in the U.S. or Latin America.

Brought to you by a team of language experts, the show features stories told in basic Spanish with helpful guidance and learning tips in English along the way.

Not only that,

There will also be an article accompanying each episode, highlighting key Spanish vocabulary and providing a dynamic transcript and a fully spoken Spanish version of the story to test your knowledge.

9. Notes in Spanish podcast

Journal with three pens to illustrate the notes in Spanish podcasts.

Ben and Marina bring you real conversations and natural language to help you start speaking Spanish you’ll never find in a textbook.

Wanna know why?

Notes in Spanish podcast is perfect for Inspired Beginners who already know a few basics in Spanish and want to improve their Spanish fluency.

In fact,

It brings you real-world language and learning techniques so that you can sound like a native Spanish speaker in no time!

10. Learn Spanish and Go

Hand with a globe to illustrate the importance to learn Spanish with podcasts for getting to know more about the world.

Do you want to learn Spanish and travel?

Learn Spanish and travel the world with Jim and May from Spanish and Go.


Because you will improve your listening comprehension through incredible travel stories, cultural conversations, Spanish tips, and interviews with Spanish speakers from around the world.

Not only that:

You’ll hear natural conversational Spanish perfect for the intermediate or advanced Spanish learner.

The good news?

You will supercharge your Spanish and you’ll gain the tools to travel abroad with confidence.

By the way:

May is a Spanish teacher from Mexico, and Jim is a gringo with a passion for adventure. Together they’ll help you take your Spanish to the next level.

11. Fluent Spanish Express podcast

Man speaking on a mic and recording his own Spanish podcast.

This is the opposite of “slow Spanish“ podcasts!


Well in the real world, Spanish doesn’t slow down for you.

or does it?

This is real-world, full-throttle Spanish. If you can parse these sentences, you know you have made it to fluent or nearly fluent comprehension almost like native speakers.

A great way to test your progress. Not the place to begin your journey, but a gratifying place to arrive and contemplate your progress!

In fact:

If you are an intermediate to advanced Spanish student this is one of the best Spanish podcasts for you.

Final thoughts on Spanish podcasts

Young woman listening to her favorite podcasts to learn Spanish

Let’s face it:

You and I both love great Spanish podcast episodes.


It seems that every day more and more language learners are becoming privy to this secreted multi-faceted source of entertainment and knowledge that we’ve struggled to keep under wraps in the last few years.

In fact:

Great Spanish podcasts will not only make your learning experience more fun with interesting topics but also develop your listening comprehension.

The thing is:

With more time being spent at home rather than at school, the popularity of podcasts in Spanish is increasing.

The good news?

The best Spanish podcasts are not going anywhere.

What are you waiting for?

If you are looking for Spanish podcasts to accelerate your understanding of Spanish culture while being exposed to real Spanish sources, finding the right podcast is the perfect tool to make your language experience much more enjoyable and productive.

Want more?

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