Spanish Pick-Up Lines in 2023: How to Flirt in Spanish

Discover 15 cheesy pick-up lines in Spanish to be more playful on your next date!

Boy and girl exchanging Spanish pick-up lines

Who doesn’t enjoy some creative Spanish pick-up lines (Piropos)? 

Here’s the deal:

They are plain ‘ol fun and in Spanish, they sound even better! 

In fact:

Whether you‘re on vacation in Mexico or the new girl you’ve been crushing on is from Colombia, it might be worth it to have a few standard Spanish pick-up lines under your sleeve.

Case in point.

Regardless of how cheesy you might come across, most of these Spanish pick-up lines are a surefire way to get the other person curious about you, or at least break the ice and get them giggling on the spot.

15 Playful Spanish pick-up lines to try on your next crush

Young Spanish guy lending his coat to cute girl in an effort to flirt.

15 Funny pick up lines with their English translations

man and woman flirting in Spanish in a shopping mall

1. ¿Tienes un mapa? Me he perdido en tus ojos.

English meaning: Do you have a map? I seem to have lost myself in your eyes

2. Que sonrisa tan linda tienes ¿Me puedes decir tu nombre?

English meaning: What a beautiful smile you got. Can you tell me your name?

3. Eres tan bonita que tu cumpleaños debería ser un día feriado.

English meaning: You are so pretty your birthday should be a national holiday

4. Si la belleza fuese delito, yo te hubiera sentenciado a cadena perpetua.

English meaning: If beauty was a crime, I’d sentence you to life without parole.

5. Mami, tú con tantas curvas y yo sin frenos

English meaning: Baby, you have so many curves (as in a road) and I have no brakes (as in a car)

6. Si besarte fuera pecado, caminaría feliz por el infierno.

English meaning: If kissing you was a sin, I’d happily walk through hell.

7. ¿Te has perdido? Porque el cielo está bien lejos de aquí.

English meaning: Are you lost, because heaven is a long way from here?

8. Si el agua fuese belleza, tú serías el océano entero.

English meaning: If water were beauty, you’d be the whole ocean.

9. Si yo fuera azafata, te llevaría en mi avión, pero como no lo soy, te llevo en mi corazón.

English meaning: I were a flight attendant, I’d carry you in my airplane, but since I’m not, I’ll carry you in my heart.

10. Si tus ojos fueran el cielo y tu boca el mar, me gustaría ser el horizonte para poderte besar.

English meaning: If your eyes were the sky and your mouth were the sea, I’d like to be the horizon to be able to kiss you.

11. Mami, si cocinas tal como te mueves, me comeré el menú completo.

English meaning: Baby, if you cook as well as you move, I will eat the entire menu.

12. Quisiera ser joyero para poder apreciar todos los días un diamante como tú.

English meaning: I’d like to be a jeweler to be able to appreciate every day a diamond like you.

13. Dios debe de estar distraído porque están cayendo ángeles del Cielo.

English meaning: God must be distracted, for Angels are falling from Heaven.

14. Ojalá fueras bombero para apagar el fuego de mi deseo.

English meaning: If only you were a firefighter to be able to put out the fire of my desire.

15. Ojala la mitad de las estrellas brillaran tanto como tus ojos.

English Meaning: If only half of the stars in the sky shined as brightly as your eyes.

The Past Subjunctive when using Spanish pick-up lines

You may have noticed that many of the Spanish pick-up lines feature the infamous “past subjunctive”. 


The past subjunctive is used to express desires or, like in most pick-up line situations, unlikely occurrences.


I believe that trying to understand Spanish grammar when using pick-up lines is taking away the purpose for which they were created in the first place (to have fun) so unless you are a linguist mayor I wouldn’t recommend it.

Final thoughts on Spanish pick-up lines

Group of friends discussing Spanish communication outdoors

Unsurprisingly, many Spanish pick-up lines or piropos don’t translate well. These romantic phrases frequently employ puns on words, which makes them great practice for Spanish students.

Not only that:

Sometimes Spanish pick-up lines can feel like a word game.

The good news?

Spanish pick-up lines are a ton of fun, whether you’re talking to a significant other or simply swapping funny phrases with your friends.

So, Which of these Spanish pick-up lines will you use first?

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