Can you Master Spanish Online by Changing your Mindset? The Best 2 Confident Formula

Man giving a presentation on how to master Spanish by changing your mindset

Can you master Spanish online by changing your mindset?

Hey! Did you know that most people who want to master Spanish or any other language have it backward? I hope that’s not you.

In this post, I will cover exactly how to master Spanish by examining the traditional approach to language learning we have all been taught so far and then recreating it from a different or rather counterintuitive perspective that perhaps you haven’t considered before.

Change your Belief System First

If you’re looking for a “magic bullet” someone can fire into your brain to deliver an instant result for your Spanish language goals, stop looking. The “magic bullet” does not exist.

I’ve met lots of Spanish language learners, and it seemed to me that their main struggle wasn’t with the language itself but rather their belief system extreme shyness, sometimes even an inferiority complex when trying to speak the language, or both. If that’s the case, then there is a cure… it won’t happen overnight, but it’s not beyond your reach either.

The 2 “Confidence Formula” To Master Spanish

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In order to Master Spanish what you seem to be missing is confidence, and that is something you can build for yourself and by yourself. You don’t need anyone’s permission; you don’t even need anyone else’s help. Nothing helps you level up your language skills better than confidence… not lots of grammar lessons, not good pronunciation, not hundreds of Spanish soap operas… nothing.

Building confidence is like a construction project. It doesn’t look like much when you start, and it may not impress anyone while the job is underway, but you’ll be amazed at your progress when it’s done.

So… how did you come up with this formula?

Simple. It has two phases — mental and physical — and you need to develop both phases simultaneously.

1. The Mental Phase to Master Spanish

In the mental phase, you need to give up perfection. Forget the idea of fluidity when speaking you’re concentrating on the present time… for now. Set a goal for yourself to have a few interactions with native speakers by the end of summer. If you haven’t set any language goals before, this will give you something to be excited about and the prospect of having one or two interactions will put you right at the edge of your comfort zone.

Once you’ve done this, start building.

2. The Physical Phase to Master Spanish

Female dancer doing some ballet moves to illustrate the physical phase to master Spanish

This is where the physical counterintuitive side that no one talks about comes in. It is essential for you to become involved in some form of physical activity. Turn your computer off, get up out of the chair, and start working out. The kind of workout you choose is not important. You can lift weights in your garage, join a gym, run at a track or down a dirt road, power-hike in the hills with ever-increasing weight… it doesn’t matter.

Like the Nike slogan says…

“Just Do It.”

And KEEP doing it. If you give up after a week or a month, you might as well not start at all.

NEVER lose sight of your goal. Sometime during the month of June, you might start feeling lazy and discouraged, and yet you press on. If you commit to this and remain focused on your goal, you will discover an amazing effect — strengthening your body also strengthens your mind, and in your mind is where you develop the confidence to master Spanish.

Does it work? I can testify to the fact that it does. I’ve learned all of the languages I speak and other skills using the same approach. Try it!

Although I hate to admit it, it wasn’t always like this for me, in school I was thought of as a wimp. I was afraid of everything and everybody… especially when I had to communicate my ideas. I was the one who always got the worst grades in my English class. Not anymore. People change. We are supposed to change. Focusing on changing your mindset first will make all the difference not only in your language-learning journey but in your life in general.


Having the right mindset will make you feel strong and your mind will be sharp. You will be able to talk to anyone without worrying about the mistakes you make because you know they are part of the learning curve, and everyone who talks to you will take note of what you have to say. Your Spanish won’t be perfect right off the get-go, but you won’t care because you know it’s only a matter of time before you get to master Spanish, and who knows? perhaps other languages as well.

The only thing it will cost you is time and the realization that if you’re trying to master Spanish you must develop the right mindset first and you have been doing it backwards.

What have you been doing lately in order to master Spanish and develop your language-learning mindset? Let me know!

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