Easiest Languages to Learn for Spanish Speakers: 11 Best Options After You Mastered Spanish

Embarking on a language exchange adventure, two women joyfully teach each other a new language. Embracing the challenge, they discover the Easiest Languages to learn for Spanish speakers.

What are the easiest languages to learn for Spanish speakers?

Are you a Spanish Speaker or…

Have you mastered the Spanish language and are looking for a new language to learn?

Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world, having a total of 477 million Spanish speakers worldwide. For this reason, many people learn how to speak Spanish.

In fact:

If you’re among them and have mastered Spanish already, then you may be on the lookout for the easiest languages to learn for Spanish speakers.

Here’s the deal:

It would make sense to learn other popular languages like Chinese, but they tend to have a steep learning curve. Why not look for languages that are like Spanish instead?

From Italian, where even the pizza sounds poetic, to Swahili, the language that’ll have you saying ‘hakuna matata’ like a pro, get ready to speak a new language in no time with our list.

If you find learning Spanish online to be easy, then you will find the following languages easy to learn as well.

Here is a list of 11 of the easiest languages to learn for Spanish speakers.

Are you ready to learn?


The Romance Languages

The enchanting ambiance of a red rose illustrates romance while discovering the easiest language to learn in Spanish.

To start:

The easiest languages to learn for Spanish speakers are:

Romance languages!

They are descendants of Latin and embody a rhythmic elegance and passionate cadence.

Case in point:

From Spanish and French to Italian and Portuguese. These languages are not just tools of communication but are very similar to each other and the perfect choices to start your learning journey.

In fact:

If you are trying to learn a new language after Spanish you should really look into of of them.

11 Easiest Languages to Learn for Spanish Speakers:

On a piece of paper, we can discover the easiest language for Spanish speakers to learn.

1. Italian

Besides being irresistible to listen to, Italian is easy to learn for a Spanish speaker.

Renowned for its musicality and rich cultural heritage, Italian is a Romance language like Spanish.

Its vocabulary and grammar bear striking similarities to Spanish, making it relatively easy for Spanish speakers to learn. The straightforward pronunciation and recognizable vocabulary often make Italian an enjoyable language to pick up.

Not only that:

Italy’s contributions to art, music, and cuisine offer plenty of cultural incentives for Spanish speakers to delve into learning Italian.

Most Italians are loud and expressive when they speak, which should resonate just fine with many Spanish speakers.

In no time, you’ll be able to order your pizza in Italian and sing along La Solitudine.

And come on, who wouldn’t want to learn the language of the Dolce Vita?

2. Portuguese

Portuguese is another romance language that’s easy to learn for Spanish speakers and the only notable differences between the languages are their unique vocabularies.

In fact:

Spain has had more Arabic influences over the years. This resulted in them keeping more words from their influencers. It also meant this influenced the way they constructed their newer words.

The pleasant cadence of Portuguese, coupled with its melodic intonation, adds to the appeal, especially Brazilian Portuguese.

Learning this foreign language will allow you to interact with super welcoming people from beautiful countries, from the Brazilian Amazon forest to the big waves of Nazare.

3. French

French is similar to Spanish in that it’s another Romance language.

It also shares some verbs and the way it constructs nouns are similar as well. This will make it somewhat easy to understand French even if you’re new to it.

While French pronunciation can be challenging, especially its nasal sounds, the vocabulary and grammar are remarkably similar to Spanish due to their common Romance origins.

Spanish speakers often find French more accessible once they overcome the pronunciation hurdles.

French culture’s global influence in art, fashion, and cuisine offers a wealth of motivation for Spanish learners to explore this beautiful language — la langue de l’amour?

Learning French will also help you interact with — how can I put it — the sometimes peculiar French people and understand their sometimes questionable sense of humor.

4. Romanian

You might be surprised to find Romanian in this ranking of easy languages to learn for Spanish speakers.


If you ever listened to the Romanian language, you probably noticed that it’s also a Romance language.

With a Slavic influence, it has numerous similarities with Spanish, making it relatively easy for Spanish speakers to grasp.

Case in point:

Its vocabulary resonates with Latin roots, and its grammar shares common features with other Romance languages. Despite being less widely spoken, Romanian culture and history are rich, offering unique insights — and a rather off-the-beaten-track destination — for language enthusiasts.

Romania is also fantastic for nature lovers, with some of the few still untamed forests of Europe.

Sorry for the cliché, but you’ll also be able to chat with Count Dracula.

5. Catalan

Spoken in regions of Spain, France, and Italy, Catalan shares linguistic roots with both Spanish and French.

Simply put:

Spanish speakers will find Catalan grammar and vocabulary familiar, easing the learning process. The language’s unique status, troubled history, and rich literary tradition provide an intriguing linguistic landscape for Spanish learners to explore.


If you don’t plan on living or traveling regularly to Catalonia, this is not a very useful language. Unless you’re a huge Barça fan, or you have a weird fascination for scatological traditions such as the Caga Tió or Caganer.

The good news?

Locals appreciate visitors who acknowledge their language. So, it might be a good idea to learn at least a few words if you’re planning a holiday in Barcelona or on the Costa Brava.

6. Galician

Another Romance language spoken in Spain, Galician is closely related to Portuguese and shares similarities with Spanish. Its grammar and vocabulary are akin to both languages, making it accessible for Spanish speakers.

Galicia’s distinct cultural heritage, including its vibrant music and festivals, can further captivate Spanish learners’ interest.

Not only that:

Add a fantastic gastronomy — like Tarta de Santiago and Empanada Gallega —- and a lush, pristine coastline, and you’ll get stunning decor for any vacation or more permanent life.

7. Esperanto

Esperanto started as a genius idea, developed to facilitate global communication.

Designed as an international auxiliary language, Esperanto boasts a simple and regular grammar system, making it easy for Spanish speakers to pick up.


Its vocabulary is derived from various European languages, including Romance languages like Spanish, creating a comfortable learning environment.

Esperanto’s global community and emphasis on communication foster a supportive learning experience.

8. Dutch

Dutch, is one of the West Germanic languages, shares some similarities with English and German. While its pronunciation might pose a challenge, Spanish speakers proficient in English could find Dutch more accessible due to the shared Germanic roots.

In fact:

The Netherlands and Belgium offer a wealth of cultural resources, from literature to cinema, and are also popular destinations for digital nomads and visitors alike.

9. Swedish

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: you don’t need to learn Swedish.

But hear me out:

Swedish is the language of Abba, meatballs, and Pippi Calzaslargas. And it’s not as difficult as you might think.

A North Germanic language, Swedish features a straightforward grammar system and a pronunciation style that might sound musical — and funny — to Spanish ears.

Not only that:

Swedish vocabulary shares similarities with English, making it relatively easy for Spanish speakers, especially those already familiar with English, to learn.

Sweden’s progressive society, welcoming locals and rich cultural heritage enhance the appeal for language enthusiasts looking to visit or settle in the country.

10. Norwegian

Let’s stay in Scandinavia because it’s my favorite European region.

Ok, objectively, Norwegian is not THE easiest language to learn for Spanish speakers.


Swedish, has a simple grammar structure and is phonetically regular. Its pronunciation might be challenging, but Spanish speakers with a grasp of English could find Norwegian accessible due to the shared Germanic roots.

Norway’s stunning natural landscapes — repeatedly voted as the most beautiful country on earth by Lonely Planet, and I shall agree — and a strong emphasis on education provides additional motivation for Spanish learners.

Its high standards of living and world-class facilities make it a very attractive country to settle in.

11. Tagalog

The Spanish influence on Filipino culture traces its roots back to the Spanish East Indies, ruled from Mexico City and Madrid.

Think about it:

English and Filipino, a standardized form of Tagalog, are the most commonly spoken languages in the country. Spanish was an official language until after the People Power Revolution in 1986, so Tagalog has borrowed quite a few words from it.

The official language of the Philippines features straightforward grammar and pronunciation.

While its vocabulary differs significantly from Spanish, its regularity and simplicity make it accessible for Spanish speakers.

The Philippines’ rich cultural tapestry, including its cuisine, music, and festivals, offers intriguing cultural insights for people looking for the easiest languages to learn for Spanish speakers.

12. English

If you’re reading this article, you probably understand English. And if your skills are still limited, it’s worth making a little effort to work on it.

Final words on Easiest languages to learn for Spanish speakers

A young woman enthusiastically imparts a new language to another, creating a dynamic exchange as they explore the beauty of communication in the easiest language to learn in Spanish.

Before you find out what the easiest languages to learn for Spanish speakers are and start learning a new language keep in mind that difficulty should not be the only criterion when choosing what language to learn.

Keep in mind:

You should also consider things like the number of speakers, popularity, career opportunities, travel plans, access to native speakers, and last but not least, motivation and your interests.

It will be A LOT easier to learn any language, or any new skill for that matter if you’re motivated and passionate about it.

You might want to check out these fun languages to learn or the easiest languages for English speakers to learn next.


Now you know what the easiest languages to learn are for Spanish Speakers.

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