Daniel Herrera

Easiest Languages to Learn for Spanish Speakers: 11 Best Options After You Mastered Spanish

What are the easiest languages to learn for Spanish speakers? Are you a Spanish Speaker or… Have you mastered the Spanish language and are looking for a new language to learn? Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world, having a total of 477 million Spanish speakers worldwide. For this reason, many people learn how …

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How to Say Welcome in Spanish (3 Ways)

If you’re preparing to travel to a Spanish-speaking country, you’re going to want to learn how to say “welcome” in Spanish. Why? Because at some point you’ll want to welcome new friends to your apartment rental, thank everyone for making you feel welcome, or express your happiness over welcome news—to name just a few ways …

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The History of Spanish Language: 3 Amazing Facts

The Spanish language history throughout the times: Who invented the Spanish Language? Before understanding the history of Spanish Language, we need to go back the very beginning: Evolving from spoken Latin, the Spanish language was invented by Christian Kingdoms as they reconquered the Iberian Peninsula.  In fact: The Kingdom of Castile emerged as the dominant …

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