17 Amazing Spanish Words That Start With W (A Quick Guide)

In this picture we see some alphabet letters that we can use to create Spanish words that start with w

Have you ever wondered what are some Spanish words that start with W?

If you can’t think of any, I’d like to invite you to read this post, where we will unveil some of the most commonly used words that start with W in Spanish.

In fact:

There are a few advantages to knowing which words in Spanish begin with this letter, but your curiosity is about to be rewarded.

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Intro to Spanish Words that Start with the Letter W 

Lady reading a Spanish book where she will come across many Spanish words that start with w.

The letter W is one of the letters of the Spanish alphabet. 


This letter wasn’t part of the Latin language, its adoption into the Spanish language came from terms and words that are original to other languages.

The good news?

If you’re an English speaker learning Spanish, you’ll probably recognize many of the words that begin with W.

As far as the name and pronunciation of this consonant, as there are many ways of referring to the letter W in Spanish, you can use any of the following:

  • uve doble
  • ve doble
  • doble ve
  • doble u

 Now that we know the various names for this letter and the type of words that contain it, let’s take a look at some of the most common words that start with the letter W in Spanish.

Here are multiple technology-related words in Spanish that start with W. 

Keep in mind:

 Most of these words are terms that have been borrowed from the English language with the same spelling. 

Such us: 

1. walkie-talkie (walkie-talkie)

2. walkman (walkman)

3. watt (watt)

Even though the Spanish term vatio is the most popular one for its English equivalent, the word watt is also accepted.  

4. web (web)

The word “web” is used in Spanish in the same way as in English. However, this term can also be employed when talking about a single website or web page: 

5. webinario (webinar)

Keep in mind that you can also use the term seminario web when talking about a webinar in Spanish. 

6. wifi (Wi-Fi)

Tenemos también wifi y hay ordenadores disponibles.

We also have Wi-Fi and there are computers available.

Interesting Spanish Words That Start with W 

Dominos displaying the word "words" opposed to palabras in Spanish

As we saw in the previous section, many Spanish W words come particularly from the English language.

 Let’s learn some:

7. windsurf (wind surf)

 You could see windsurfista to describe a windsurfer practitioner. 

8. whisky (whisky)

9. washingtoniano/na (Washingtonian)

 People would describe someone as washingtoniano if the person was born or resides in the city or state of Washintong

10. waterpolo (water polo)

You might also see the term waterpolista to describe a water polo player. 

Other Spanish Words That Start with W

Numerous words in Spanish start with W that come from multiple languages including English of course.

Let’s take a look.

11. Wisconsin (U.S. state)- from English

12. wagneriano/na (Wagnerian)- from German

13. wahabismo(Wahhabism)- from Arabic

14. wantán (wonton)- from Chinese

15. wasabi (wasabi)- from Japanese

16. westfaliano/na (Westphalian)- from German

17. Wachiman (Watch-man)- from English

Final Words On Words That Start with W in Spanish

Lady writing on a piece of paper and looking to highlight Spanish words that start with w

There you have it amigos:

As you learn Spanish as an English speaker, you begin to appreciate the many similar words between Spanish and English.

Here’s the deal:

Learning these Spanish words doesn’t have to be complicated because many of these loan words are spelled the same, and places or locations are pronounced the same way as well.

Now it’s your turn:

Can you think of any additional words that start with W in Spanish?

Be sure to let us know, and don’t forget to leave us your questions and comments. 

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